Telephone Based Emergency Response Systems

SmartLink is now regarded as being one of the most advanced suppliers of telephone-based emergency call and communication systems available today. Totally designed and manufactured in Australia, SmartLink's unique approach to the long overdue demand by consultants and consumers for a complete user-friendly emergency call system has made SmartLink the industry leader in its field.

SmartLink has wide-ranging capabilities for providing rapid and reliable emergency communications via a standard telephone line. SmartLink Medi-Call dialler units are totally compatible with both analogue PABX systems and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

SmartLink has distinct advantages well above the rest when it comes to a cost-effective integrated communications approach. SmartLink provides voice, data, wireless and hard-wired connections to any project for precise individual requirements per site.

The design engineering of SmartLink products and software make it the only real choice for effective communication in Retirement Villages, Private Residences, Universities, Shopping Centres, Building Management, Sporting Complexes, Lifts, Hostels, Hospitals, and a host of other project applications.

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