Remote Display Wireless Decoder

Wireless POCSAG decoder for Wirelessly integrating SmartLink’s SmartCare, Fusion, Smartpage and/or monitoring software systems to a remote site without the need for cabling. Compatible with Smartlite addressable and non-addressable LED displays.

Capable of connecting 4 LED displays at a remote location anywhere within the paging transmitters coverage area (Total cable distance combined connecting LED’s to the remote unit W07 is 20 metres using the RS-232 port connections and or multiple signs daisy-chained up to 200 metres through the RS485 port). NB: Wireless Decoder WO7 allows programming of alternate keywords and CAP codes via 4 button menu system. Other features include, 2 relay outputs (1A max each), improved audio and visual alerts. The unit is also available in 450 MHz on special request.