SmartWalk Wander Alarm

(Wandering Dementia Monitoring System)

Wander Alarm is a unique method of supervising and detecting wandering dementia patients. When a dementia patient has wandered from a designated area Wander Alarm instantly notifies a carer or nurse, either local or remote of the event, for the protection and safety of loved ones.



  • Wander Alarm (Wandering Dementia Monitoring System)
  • The efficient way of keeping track of wandering patients (dementia)
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited supervision: one door station can monitor an unlimited number of wrist transmitters
  • 16VAC, 12VDC operation
  • Generates 200kHz magnetic field 1-10ft adjustable
  • Interfaces to a variety of SmartLink products
  • Automatically locks doors if required
  • Automatically pages events using SmartLink interfaces