SMARTWIRE Hardwired Nurse Call MK2 & TWR



  • New dynamic SmartWire Hard-Wired / Wireless combined Nurse Call system
  • Advanced hardwired Nurse Call features with all the extra benefits of our TWR wireless spread spectrum long-range technology devices.  
  • Accepts all our TWR wireless devices (Bluetooth Fall & Vibration pendants, Blow switches, Wireless call points, wireless smoke detectors and interfaces, PIR inactivity detectors etc. 
  • Wireless & Hardwired seamlessly interacting all across the same bus.    
  • Low-cost bus wiring either in loop or star configuration
  • RS-232 data interface
  • 500 call points per master controller (8 Maximin across the private IP Network per installation with up to 4000 hardwired and or wireless devices combined) 
  • Five call types (Emergency, Staff Assist, Patient Call, Wet Area call, Nurse presence)
  • Complies with Australian Hard-Wired Nurse Call Standard AS3811 and wireless devices AS4268.2012  
  • Continuous bus monitoring and diagnostics (watchdog)
  • Audio and visual indication
  • Standard 12VDC supply
  • Automatic escalation (If selected) per device or call point that allow single intelligent call points/Wireless devices to do the job of three separate call points
  • Special AutoTex AM antibacterial coatings allowing for easy cleaning as well as bacterial protection
  • Intelligent call points that ignore a blank patient push socket if no plug is present on power-up of the system
  • Digital Display Units (DDU) that may be zoned with the use of Display Controller Interfaces as well as LCD monitors screens
  • Common corridor Light setup on call points allows a single call point to activate all attached corridor lights
  • Multiple SmartLite Displays that may be driven from a single SmartWire Master Unit and or multiple Master units across the entire bus system.

Trouble Shooting