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Medi-Link Dialler Unit


  • Inbuilt real time clock
  • Inbuilt full calendar
  • Automatic leap year adjustment
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
  • Visual time and day clock for client convenience
  • Totally designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Inbuilt special line filters to combat ADSL interference
  • Automatic line balancing circuitry (reduces distortion)
  • Programmable dB line sensitivity adjustment to combat noisy and problem telecom lines
  • World first technology allowing software upgrades/revisions remotely over telephone
  • Local & remote programming/control from any computer worldwide over telephone
  • Large backlit, high intensity LCD Display for full visual description of events
  • Programmable loud sounding ringer on incoming phone calls (For hearing impaired)
  • Extra large speaker for increased sound clarity and volume
  • Bluutooth interface capabilities (Tele medical – Blood pressure, Weight etc.)& two way voice badge
  • Six phone numbers with ability to send different alarms to alternate phone paths
  • Programmable voice annunciation (events, reminders etc.) (OEM versions available)
  • GSM versions available (Over mobile phone network with both voice and data)
  • Fully programmable medication and test reminders with voice annunciation
  • Heavy duty rechargeable lead acid battery with inbuilt dynamic battery testing software
  • Programmable ring tunes for door/call bell options (Allows door bells to be connected)

Trouble Shooting


Main Unit Dimensions 223mm x 105mm x 152mm
Weight 1300 g (inlcuding battery)
Quiescent Current 5mA
AC Plug Pack 17V AC 300mA with integral earth
Battery Backup 12V, 800 mAh, Sealed Lead-Acid
Rechargeable Battery


 Radio Receiver Type Superheterodyne
Frequency 303.875 MHz (Australia & New Zealand)
Sensitivity < -110 dBm


Radio Transmitter Type SAWR stabalised
Frequency 303.875 MHz
Power Output <100µW
Battery 12V Alkaline (Box Style)
3V Lithium (Watch Style)