4G Medi Mezzo Hub

SmartLink Mezzo “4G” Combined Medical / Home Automation / Security / Energy Management System

The latest AS4607 compliant Complete Medical alarm unit with a myriad of other VIP features including but not limited to: Home Automation management – Alexa/Google management – Energy management – Security management – Video management – Health management – NDIS management – Intercom management – Scene management etc. all in one combined newly released award-winning unit. Also incorporates LAN internet connection capabilities, Cellular GPRS backup LAN & Alarm capabilities, inbuilt self-contained router, Google home & Alexa compatible control platforms, Inbuilt battery back up, Z wave device compatible capabilities etc.

All existing & new Smartlink TWR devices are instantly compatible with this remarkable new unit as well as a myriad of other control platform devices. Comes complete with the Main unit (AS4607 compliant) battery backup & power supply. SIM card & Basic cloud function always included with units at $7.00 + GST PCM. Owners App control downloadable from the Play store.

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